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Multi GDS | Multi Supplier (Consolidator/GDS/Airlines) Support

Fares from Multiple Sources

ecareIBE allows you to connect to multiple inventory sources to fetch the competitive prices from multiple sources, you choose to work with. be it GDS, Air Consolidator (Full Service Carrier and LCC), Hotel Consolidator and Aggregator, or a direct Airline/Hotel offering XML interface. On the available results, IBE applies markup, commission and discount rules as defined and display results to customers based on the sales channel/customer type.


World’s first IBE with Seamless CMS Integration

No Limitations & Boundaries

We understand the business and deliver the solution ecareIBE is a powerful booking engine, which comes with an added advantage of Content Management System (CMS) Integration. Managing and creating  content is a must do for all the Travel Business and CMS powered IBE makes it a breeze. Seamless Integration allows the agency admin or deputed staff to make run time changes on the online platform without any technical support and knowledge. “Experience It”

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Control and grow your Business with multiple Sales channels (B2B | B2C)

Custom Pricing Structure for Sales Channel

with a powerful backend administration tool,  Travel Business have full control on the business and can manage the show in real time. Analyze the trends, customer behavior; Setup and manage markup, commission and discount rules for B2B or B2C sales channel to sell more!! & this is what you want to do, “isn’t it?”

Additional Features

Awesome Features to help you achieve what you want

Instant Setup

Setting up online shop is Child’s play; Configure Modules, services and Suppliers. “See it to believe it”

Scalable | Flexible

Can Scale with new services and new suppliers without disturbing existing business* “Let us talk”

B/w Open Source

To harness the power of Open source, Save Licensing cost for customers “Lean Mode

Advanced Search

Flights – One Way, Round Trip Special Fares, Hotels – Name, * Rating & Board Type

Offer your customers best deals!!

Multiple Services

Plug and Play Modules for Flights, Hotels, Car, Bus, Vacation packages & Increasing..Sell all what you can!!

Accounting Integration

ecareIBE support integration for accounting application e.g. Excel, Satnam & WinYatra

Social Media

In today’s socially connected world, it is must to have social media tools!! “We have it”

Unique Features

How can you prove to be different, ecareIBE offers unique features like “Cash Card”, “Seat ID” Integration

Multi Currency

Support for Multi Currency, with source API Integrations & Self managed Exchange Rates

Multi Language*

Has support for Multiple Languages including but not limited to English, Russian, German, French etc

Multi Channel

Supports multiple sales channel – B2B & B2C; With different Pricing structure

Manage Content

Easy to use content management system, Built in Content Editor for control on the content. WYSIWYG

Manage Users

Manage the system users with controlled profiling “Who can do what and what not”.

Manage Bookings

View, Print, email and cancel bookings at Click of a Button “Manage Bookings”

NonAPI Content

Even sell content, not available in API for specific Airlines & Fares (Specially LCC carriers)

Unique Features

offers unique features like Cash Card, “Seat ID” Integration

  • Being a startup it is extremely important to get in touch with people who can offer the best, yet cost effective services and we feel, ECARE has done justice right from building it to the delivery. The entire execution was smooth, and the hurdles were attended from time to time. The team is extremely helpful and committed to their job. Some flexibilities in the current system, and client feedbacks on monthly basis should be taken and attended to.

  • I am using the ecareIBE and I must share that ecareIBE meets my expectations and will do for any travel business in B2B or B2C domain; On top of it team ETL cares for customer's business irrespective of size. I am proud owner of my Online Business ie. www.zotrip.in Seriously, who would mind making money while sleeping.. Thanks ecareIBE

Pricing Plans

Choose from any of the plans below based on your business requirements and leave the rest to us.

Suitable for Enterprise Customers

All Custom

All Custom

Contact Us

  • SME Version + Customizations On Demand
  • Unlimited Suppliers
  • Unlimited Services
  • Custom Deployment, On Premise
  • One time License only + AMC


How Long it will take to go Live?

As soon as the live access of the suppliers are available, you can. Only work which you would need to do is to manage all of the static data including but not limited to About us, Privacy Policy, Contact us, T&C etc.

Do I need to pay for the Front end UI Design or I will get it as part of the Package?

We provide you with some pre-defined, readily available templates which you can use “as It is” and If your use them as it is, there is no additional cost to be paid. However if you wish to make any specific design or look and feel changes, we analyze and revert with the feasibility and the cost to achieve the same.

Is support and training included in the cost and How do we get support?

Inclusive support hours are as per the package opted, however additional support and training hour packages can be purchased as per the Need. We provide all the detailed manuals for each of the modules and suggest you read the manuals to reduce the support and training requirements. Our Support team is available from 8:00 AM to 8:00 Generally on weekdays.

Is my data safe, secure and Isolated?

Yes, data security is our highest priority. We employ numerous redundant data safety systems to ensure that all of our subscribers data, receives the highest level of protection possible.

Will I need to procure the APIs from suppliers of you will do it for us?

We are technology partner/provider for your business and not involved in any of the commercials with any of your suppliers. Yes, You need to acquire the API from your suppliers and we can help you configure the same on the portal. Most of the suppliers release the test credentials for the API to start with and once the API credentials are configured and test cases verified by the Suppliers, Live credentials are released. Generally this takes about 3-4 working days.

Will you ever look at our company’s data? Or share it with any one?

Your data is owned by you and is only access by your authorized team only. If required, it is access by our support/technical team with your express permission only for the purpose of assisting with tech support related questions. For analytical purpose, we compile data from all of our customers however this data can not be tracked backed to any individual customers account.

Is purchase price refundable?

No, but you can avail a 7 day trial period to evaluate the suitability to your business. Post the trial period, no such claim can be made for the refunds.

Can we make changes to our UI ?

Yes, you will have full control on the html pages of the site which your team/designer can keep changing on demand. All the static pages are exclusive html pages and you can modify them without any restriction. however there are specific sections which are tightly coupled with code and are not accessible for modifications.

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